Morning Media Newsfeed: McCarthy Joins The View | Zimmerman Juror’s Book | Drama Over KTVU Blunder

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Jenny McCarthy Named Co-Host of The View (TVNewser)
Following the news that Elisabeth Hasselbeck would be leaving The View to join Fox News, Barbara Walters insisted, “We will not be filling [the position] very soon.” Well, apparently a week was long enough, as Walters announced Monday that actress Jenny McCarthy will be joining the program in September. NYT In a statement, Walters said, “Jenny brings us intelligence as well as warmth and humor.” McCarthy, 40, has had roles in a few short-lived situation comedies but is probably best known on television for the game show Singled Out on MTV, where she was a host in the 1990s. Time / Tuned In She’s also the single most visible celebrity spokesperson for the discredited, literally dangerous belief that childhood vaccines can cause autism. The View’s Sherri Shepherd may once have wondered if the world might be flat, but at least no one fell into orbit as a result. Vaccines are actually a matter of life and death. Slate / Bad Astronomy Giving McCarthy a large public forum to share her views is a terrible idea. I’ll note The View has more than 3 million viewers, and given the time slot, I suspect a lot of those folks watching are parents of young kids — precisely the demographic most prone to listen to anti-vaccine views. And even if she doesn’t talk about any of her nonsensical health ideas on the show, the very fact that she now has this co-host position gives her a tacit credibility to the viewer. HuffPost Bill Nye is among those who take a dim view of McCarthy’s new gig — and the possibility that she will use it as a forum to spread her pseudoscientific views on vaccine safety. “I am concerned that Ms. McCarthy will encourage parents to prevent their kids from getting vaccinated,” Nye told The Huffington Post in an email. Business Insider Even non-scientists are upset. Comedian Julie Klausner tweeted “Wow! Congratulations to Jenny McCarthy and Measles/Mumps/Rubella for spreading its reach!” and movie critic Scott Weinberg tweeted “Jenny McCarthy’s views on vaccination are only slightly less barbaric and repulsive than a movie she made called Dirty Love.”

Zimmerman Juror B37 Decides Not to Go for That Book Deal After All (TheWrap / MediaAlley)
The George Zimmerman trial juror known only as B37 has decided not to write that book recounting her experiences as a member of the jury that acquitted Zimmerman on charges that he murdered Trayvon Martin. B37 was the subject of widespread criticism when her book plans were announced. Critics accused her of profiting off of Martin’s death. On Monday night, her literary agent, Sharlene Martin, tweeted that after “careful consideration,” she had decided not to represent B37. GalleyCat Earlier, it was reported that B37 in the Zimmerman trial had signed (along with her attorney husband) with Martin. According to the literary agency, “it is not known whether they will participate in any media at this time or decide to reveal their identities given the sensitivity of the verdict and the outpouring of mixed reactions by the American public.” The juror contacted Martin on Sunday, “referred by a high ranking producer at one of the morning shows.” TVNewser On Monday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper got the first interview with B37. The woman, in silhouette said Zimmerman was “guilty of not using good judgment… he shouldn’t have gotten out of that car.” She says all but one juror felt that screaming voice on the 911 call was Zimmerman. Cooper said B37 would not be doing any further interviews adding, “she kind of just wants to be left alone.” TheWrap / MediaAlley Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Jr., ditched an appearance on Piers Morgan’s show after slamming Morgan for “garbage” tweets. Robert Zimmerman Jr. linked to a post on Twitchy, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin’s Twitter news site, which listed several of Morgan’s anti-George Zimmerman tweets, two of which were hashtagged “#RIPTrayvon.” Pew Research Center The final days of the trial of Zimmerman attracted relatively modest public interest overall. In a weekend survey, 26 percent say they were following news about the trial very closely. This is lower than interest in the initial controversy over Trayvon Martin’s shooting when it erupted last year. In March 2012, 35 percent said they followed news about Trayvon Martin’s shooting very closely. However, the story has consistently attracted far more interest among blacks than whites — and that remained the case in the trial’s final days. Blacks are more than twice as likely as whites to say they tracked news about the George Zimmerman trial very closely (56 percent vs. 20 percent). Politico / Dylan Byers on Media MSNBC’s ratings woes came into sharp relief on Monday with the release of the preliminary numbers for the George Zimmerman verdict. In the 10-11 p.m. hour on Saturday night, when the verdict came in, Fox News had 3,682,000 total viewers; CNN had 3,407,000 total viewers and won the coveted demo with 1,716,000 viewers aged 25-to-54. In the same hour, MSNBC had 1,298,000 total viewers — about one-third of Fox’s total — and a mere 510,000 viewers in the demo.