Morning Media Newsfeed: Kurtz Error Slammed | Time Inc. Slumps | Daytime Emmy Noms

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Howard Kurtz Under Fire For Erroneous Report About NBA Player Jason Collins Coming Out (Mediaite)
Arguably the biggest news this week has been basketball player Jason Collins coming out as the first openly gay player in major U.S. sports, but media critic Howard Kurtz thinks Collins has been quiet about one part of his past: his engagement to a woman after dating her for eight years. Kurtz stated quite clearly in a Daily Beast post Wednesday that Collins “left out” this detail about his life, but it turns out that was not exactly the case. Gawker On Wednesday Kurtz found — for two different outlets — a dark shadow in the sunny coverage of NBA player Jason Collins’ decision to come out as gay: Collins was at one point engaged to a woman. “He didn’t tell the whole story,” Kurtz burbles in a Daily Download video. Kurtz continues: “If you leave out the fact that you dated this woman for eight years and that you were engaged to be married, then you have not told the whole story and I think this really muddies the whole plotline.” Kurtz wrote the same argument for the Daily Beast, that Collins “left one little part out.” Except Collins didn’t leave the detail out. It’s right at the beginning of the eighth paragraph of his long Sports Illustrated piece. NY Mag / Daily Intelligencer Alerted to this glaring oversight, Kurtz quickly tweaked the text of his column to make it factually accurate. “He left one little part” was changed to “he downplayed one detail.” “Turns out it was an edited story” became “He mentioned the engagement to Sports Illustrated, but didn’t dwell on it.” A correction was belatedly affixed to the story long after the changes had been made. BuzzFeed Kurtz: “I regret the mistake I made in writing about Jason Collins’ essay, and I hope I wasn’t insensitive in discussing it. He did a courageous thing by taking this step, but once he put it out for public discussion, it seems fair to raise questions about the account of his former fiancee, who granted several interviews. Obviously Collins or any other gay person can come out in any way they choose, or not come out at all. I don’t think my analysis was out of bounds, but that’s for others to judge.” HuffPost / The Backstory Kurtz has been regularly contributing to, and heavily promoting, a lesser-known media website with no financial ties to his full-time employer. The site, Daily Download, is a regular fixture in Kurtz’s Twitter feed and a place where he increasingly posts his takes on the state of media affairs. But no one is sure why, exactly, he’s so involved with this particular piece of Internet real estate.

Time Inc. Keeps Shrinking (AllThingsD)

Overall revenue for Time Inc. was down 5 percent, to $737 million. Subscription revenue was down 11 percent, and the main reason advertising revenue was up 2 percent was because Time Inc. now has control of and Sports Illustrated‘s website, which used to be run by Time Warner’s cable networks. And the additional money Time Inc. makes from those sites is basically wiped out by the absence of licensing fees they used to charge the cable guys for those sites. FishbowlNY Just in case everyone needed a reminder as to why Time Warner wants to ditch Time Inc.: The company’s earnings statement will jog your memory. While Time Warner raked in revenue of $6.94 billion for 2013’s first quarter, it would’ve been much better if not for Time Inc., which reported a 5 percent drop in overall revenue. NYT Time Inc. eliminated roughly 6 percent of its total worldwide staff of 8,000 in the first quarter, resulting in $53 million in restructuring and severance charges. “We remain very focused on taking costs out of the business,” said John K. Martin, chief financial and administrative officer at Time Warner.