Morning Media Newsfeed: ISIS Posts Fourth Cantlie Video | Abramson Talks Risen, Rice

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ISIS Releases Fourth Video of Journalist John Cantlie, ‘Eagerly Awaits’ Ground War (HuffPost)
Islamic State militants have released a new video featuring British freelance journalist John Cantlie — the fourth since Cantlie was taken hostage nearly two years ago. The Guardian Cantlie, who has been held for almost two years, said ISIS was “dug in for the fight” in a seven-minute video that emerged on Sunday. Appearing to offer a scripted argument, he said the western public is being rushed into a war it cannot win, against thousands of armed militants. The Independent Cantlie also appeared in an online article calling for the British government to “open a channel and negotiate” with ISIS. It appeared hours after the British Ministry of Defence confirmed that a “specialist” team of British soldiers would head to northern Iraq to help train Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic militant group. The article was published in the ISIS online magazine Dabiq. WSJ The U.K. government said Monday that it was analyzing the article purportedly by Cantlie in which he says he awaits his turn to be executed by the extremist group unless British and American governments negotiate. The writer who identifies himself as Cantlie criticizes the West for not negotiating with ISIS when others have. “For now, I am still alive, but at some point in the near future, the mujahedeen will surely run out of patience. Just ask our government to talk. That’s all,” the article in question read. New York Daily News The British war photographer was captured in Syria along with James Foley in November 2012. Foley, an American war correspondent, was beheaded in August. The following month ISIS released a video of Cantlie criticizing American and British foreign policy, saying he’d been “abandoned” by his government.

Jill Abramson Recalls ‘Stern’ Meeting With Condi Rice to Pull James Risen Piece for NYT (FishbowlDC)
Former executive editor of The New York Times Jill Abramson sat down with Lesley Stahl for 60 Minutes Overtime to discuss a 2003 conversation with then national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, who asked her to stop a piece from being published and prevent further coverage of the CIA’s efforts to thwart Iranian nuclear initiatives by the paper’s then national security reporter James Risen. Mediaite As she recounted to Stahl, Rice was rather awkward about the entire thing, asking her to personally visit her in an undisclosed location. Abramson recalled, “She basically read in a very stern manner from her notes on this legal pad, which were just point after point about why this story would be damaging to the national security. I don’t think I uttered much more than ‘hello,’ and ‘I will think of what you said.’” Rice’s bottom line “was to make sure that Jim ceases all reporting on this story, which was really an extraordinary request.” Politico / Josh Gerstein Risen elected to put the story in a book he wrote, State of War, which was published in 2006, several years after the NYT elected not to detail the saga in which the CIA was said to have botched an operation to provide flawed nuclear blueprints to Tehran through an intermediary. “I regret it now, but I think that I leaned towards not publishing,” Abramson said. Politico / Dylan Byers on Media Abramson’s statements could help Risen’s argument that the information was newsworthy and that he therefore had some grounds to defy calls to identify his sources. In the same 60 Minutes segment, former national security agency director Michael Hayden said that he’s “conflicted” over whether the government should prosecute Risen for not revealing his sources.