Morning Media Miscellany

Tom Scocca walks the walk, hears the talk: On Sunday, September 11th, Tom Scocca snuck a reporter’s notebook into his waistband and joined the pre-registered patriots marching on the Mall in the Pentagon’s “Freedom Walk.” He remembers where he was on September 11th and reflects on where we are now against the backdrop of overheard conversation, unattributed quotes from patriotic little girls, the shouts of protesters and ruminations on an administration of which he does not seem to be a fan (“I couldn’t think of anything they hadn’t lied and dithered about, these four hideous years”). Scocca is usually hilarious and I’m sure could just as easily have written a funny, satirical piece; knowing that, it’s got more heft. Recommended. [NYO]

Reviewing the Review: Also in the Observer (it’s Wednesday, after all), Sheelah Kolkhatar looks at the new Philip Gourevitch-helmed Paris Review and pronounces is “buttery.” Kolkhatar spends much of the article delving into the question of poetry coverage at the Review following the ouster/departure (depending on who you talk to) of long-time poetry editor Richard Howard, whom Gourevitch replaced with Charles Simic and Slate‘s Meghan O’Rourke. Apparently there were some five years’ worth of poems on deck for publication, all killed. Ouch. [NYO]

Matt Haber: God is in the details: Completing the Observer trifecta, we pluck a bit from the Media Mob, where media encyclopedia Matt Haber (now with a fun new nickname!) catches New York sex columnist Amy Sohn out on thinking that internet porn has changed relationships oh wait maybe not. He also lauds her proud accomplishment: introducing the word “bukkake” into the Times. He says we should expect a Safire piece shortly; I was thinking more along the lines of the Style section. [MediaMob]

Stand tall, don’t you faaaall: We have our first unofficial estimate of David Gregory’s height: 6’3″, which is tall but not stuff-of-legends tall. It’s unofficial because the person who sent us the information is unreachable because emails to him keep bouncing. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know this. So, person, when you read this, pleae let me know how exactly you come by this knowledge of David Gregory’s height. Everyone else, sing along to Burton Cummings.