Morning Media Minutiae, Saturday Night In Jungleland Edition

Rachael Ray.jpg

  • Stock Jock: Talk about incentives – apparently Howard Stern‘s deal with Sirius keeps getting more lucrative as the stock price soars. His original $500 million cash-and-stock deal is now worth more than $600 million, and counting. All that and pretty hair. Wow. [WSJ]
  • Jann Wenner’s gonna party like it’s his bat mitzvah: Who better to celebrate the boss than…the Boss? Yes, Bruce Springsteen is to play Jann Wenner‘s 60th birthday party this Saturday night at Le Bernardin. The 142 guests will include all sorts of celebrities, but they won’t be there on business, baby, they’ll just be there for fun. [WWD]
  • The One That Got Away: Mark May 23rd on your calendar! Former NYT exec editor Howell Raines will be speaking at the 92nd St. Y on “what happens when a man must let go of one identity and take on another as he grapples with issues of honor, hubris and his own mortality.” Lowdown reports that his book will be out by then (see above title). Will anyone else be, I wonder? [NYDN]
  • Couric-watch, part 573: Page Six reports that NBC will match whatever CBS offers Katie Couric to leave the “Today” show plus $5 million (they do the math: $17 million). Katie, please, decide something already. Thank you. [NYP]
  • Hip hip hooray for Rachael Ray! Apparently her magazine “Every Day With Rachael Ray” is doing quite well. Great to hear, but is it me or does it look a whole lot like Domino? [WWD]