Morning Media Minutiae, just for you-tiae

  • Lachlan Murdoch: Making your nightly news even foxier: Variety predicts that a Lachlan-less News Corp. will be great for Roger Ailes, who looks to be the front-runner for stepping into Lachlan’s shoes as chairman of the Fox Television Stations Group. Such a move, says Variety, “would see Fox News programming assume new prominence on Fox owned-and-operated stations.” More FNC, for EVERYONE! Yay, Jon Klein just did his happy dance.
  • File this, Wendi Deng: Variety also has details of Lachlan’s noncompete, filed yesterday with the SEC: he can’t work for a rival media company or hire away his dad’s staff for at least two years. What he can do is make it reeeally difficult to amend that trust. I’m just sayin’.
  • Well, it depends on whether you think this is bad news or not: The NYT‘s myth-busting science beatster Gina Kolata is back, today reporting that scientists in South Korea have cloned a dog. Nothin’ creepy about that.
  • Global Struggle Against Extremism Totally Defeated By War On Terror: Bush has made the call, and it’s war all the way. Because let’s face it, “Global Struggle Against Extremism: What Is It Good For?” really doesn’t sound all that catchy.
  • I’m OK, You’re OK, but money? That’s even more OK: Page Six backtracks on yesterday’s report that Michael Jackson received $2 million for his post-trial tell-all (or tell-some-and-then-pre-approve-it) in U.S. newbie OK! Magazine. Apparently he wants to get paid, at which point he’ll sign, and OK! wants to pay him, as soon as he signs. Thing is, they need the story and he needs the cash. I’m sure they’ll figure it out. Besides, Michael’s a lover, not a fighter.
  • Ten to one O’Reilly thinks Wonkette is a fascist: Our favorite DC gossipista who isn’t our learned cousin had some fun with Lexis-Nexis yesterday to see how often Bill O’Reilly describes stuff as “fascist.” Turns out he is nothing if not consistent. [Wonkette]
  • Congratulations to Geraldo and Erica Rivera on their bouncing baby daughter! Erica (n&#233e Levy) gave birth Tuesday morning to Solita Liliana Rivera. TVNewser headlined this “Geraldo’s New Baby Daughter” but folks who went to Camp Winnebagoe in the Huntsville Highlands are no doubt doing the Hula-ha for Erica right now. We hear Geraldo does a pretty decent Hula-ha himself. Congratulations Erica, Geraldo and Solita!
  • According to Reuters, experts say most people survive plane crashes. Which is good, because I’m heading to Toronto right now. Bye!