Morning Media Minutiae: Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Edition

  • Page Six, you oughta be in pictures! Today’s Page Six is making us all star-struck – it showed up on not one but two of our favorite shows! Apparently it’s poetically-rendered sighting of an avocado-squeezing Abe Vigoda at Fairway — “contemplating them for a while as if the firmness of their flesh had awakened some potent memories” — inspired a whole sketch on Conan, and it cropped up on “Entourage” as a breaker of torrid celebrity news. We’re watching for you on Jon Stewart, guys – they totally need more serious media on there, last night they just had some dude from The New Yorker. Fareed who? [NYP]
  • Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms: Apparently CNN was bedeviled yesterday by a computer worm which slithered through it’s system and was really, really big news, according to them (according to TVNewser). No word on whether it was a long one, short one, fat one, skinny one, see how they wiggle and squirm. Anyone have a CNN metaphor for “I bite off the heads, and suck out the juice, and throw the skins away?” It’s fun to make childrens’ songs seem subversive. Upshot: everything’s fine. [TVNewser]
  • I believe the inclusion of a certain “Michael Wolff” on the panel might have given it away… Gossips Rush & Molloy, who are making us healthier every day, report that attendees at yesterday’s media panel at Michael’s were shocked to hear the F-word. We were too. There’s no fucking excuse for profanity. [NYDN]
  • Once again, we place the blame squarely on John D. O’Connor: Apparently the sales for Bob Woodward’s Deep Throat memoir, “The Secret Man,” are flagging and lagging. I don’t know, but that might be because the internet is free. [NYT]
  • “Blue eyes are like boobs for guys.” The lovely, charming, and half-Canadian Sheelah Kolhatkar and Anna Schneider-Mayerson of the Observer have a fascinating sociological examination of how men use their baby blues to bewitch their quarry. Anderson? Mmmm. Sorry, what was I saying? [NYO]

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