Morning Media Menu With Miles O’Brien

Today on the Menu we welcome CNN’s former chief technology and environment correspondent Miles O’Brien live from Denver where he is working on an upcoming documentary for PBS (and reading the last issue of the Rocky Mountain News).

O’Brien had been with CNN for 16 years and was let go in December whe the entire Science and Technology department was shut down. Then, a plane landed in the Hudson, and a plane crashed in Buffalo — and O’Brien blogged and tweeted it all to huge response.

“I was pretty bowled over by the response…I just sort of sat down and did what I would do if I was still at CNN…and put it on my blog. It just bowled me over how the world beat a path to my blog. There’s a lesson in all of that, that first of all people are thirsty for information from sources they can trust. And they will seek you out.”

As more and more experienced journalists find themselves out of work O’Brien wonders whether we will see a collection of individual niche reporting sites on the web, such as his blog, that may someday find a way to band together. Also, he says we shouldn’t be scared of flying. Also! How will we pay for newspapers online?! O’Brien gives us his take. You can listen to the podcast live every morning at 9amET on and call in at 646-929-0321. You can also subscribe to the iTunes feed of the podcast by clicking the “iTunes” button.