Morning Media Menu: February 4

Today on the Menu we are joined (straight off the set) by CBS’ The Early Show anchor Maggie Rodriguez, who interviewed former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and who is set to interview Hero of the Hudson, Captain Sullenberger, along with his crew and a number of survivors, next Monday. Rodriguez talks about how she prepared for both interviews (talk about opposite ends of the media spectrum!) and how it was necessary to dig for something different to offer her viewers.

As for her time with Blagojevich Rodriguez says “in person everyone [at CBS] thought he was incredibly charming.” However! He’s also “an interesting case study in delusion and self-destruction.”

We also discuss (once again) whether paid content is the future of the New York Times, and the DTV transition — 13 days and counting. You can listen to the podcast live every morning at 9amET on and call in at 646-929-0321. You can also subscribe to the iTunes feed of the podcast by clicking the “iTunes” button.