Morning Joe has ‘Dick’ Issues

Ann Coulter is making the media rounds to explain her endorsement of Mitt Romney in the GOP Primary. Yesterday, she joined the “Morning Joe” team in studio. She was dressed in black and her long blond hair was looking fab. When Joe Scarborough pressed Coulter on the “flip-flop” issues that some of the conservative candidates seem to have, she tried to say being politically consistent isn’t as important as the media makes it seem. From there? Things get a little blurry. Coulter starts talking about Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) lack of consistency and calls him….something.

MSNBC censors silenced Coulter’s microphone. Here’s the awkward exchange.

When Team Joe freaks out, Coulter seems genuinely stunned, as if she doesn’t even realize what she said. She managed to sneak out half of the word “douchebag” before the censors struck again. What exactly did Coulter say? Did MSNBC fail to bleep out the douche bag comment? Coulter went on Joy Behar’s HLN show last night to explain WITHOUT getting bleeped. The word was “dickweed.”

For those of you keeping score at home:

Dickweed = Not OK
Douchebag = Totally OK

Unless of course you’re TIME‘s Mark Halperin, who famously said President Obama was being “kind of a dick” earlier this year without getting bleeped. However, he was suspended for over a month for his comments.

We reached out to “Morning Joe’s” Willie Geist who “doesn’t have anything to add to the story”.