Morning Guidance From Dr. Jake

As the next round of digital reporters gear up for the ride of their careers covering the 2012 presidential campaign, ABC News’ Jake Tapper takes time to tweet tips that he collected over many long winters in Iowa and sleepless nights on the trail. For one thing, pay attention, your future husband/wife could be out there. See #5.

11 Pieces of Campaign Advice for Young Reporters

August 10, 2011 6:07 PM

No 11 – Someone somewhere thinks things you say and do are interesting + reportable.
No 10 – Don’t send that angry email. Save it. And then reconsider in the morning. You’re exhausted.
No 9 – Food that is plentiful and seemingly free does not = non-fattening.
No 8 – Even the people who you like and trust on the campaign will lie to you.
No 7 – Be the reporter challenging false claim by candidate. + if you’re not, be the one who follows up.
No 6 – If you make it to South Carolina without being yelled at by the campaign you’re not doing your job.
No 5 – Keep your eyes peeled. I met my future wife at the Chequers Pub at the Hotel Fort Des Moines.

See the complete list here.