Morning Dhue

We’ve been keeping tabs on the sudden public admission of alcoholism by ex-FNC anchor Laurie Dhue. This morning just after 8 a.m. she appeared on NBC’s “The Today Show” where she spoke with Meredith Viera.

Though FishbowlDC never pretended to be, say, a fireman attending the prayer dinner in Washington hosted by conservative syndicated columnist Cal Thomas last week, Viera acted shocked that a reporter was covering it.

“You did not know there would be anyone reporting this to the public,” Viera said gravely on this morning show, looking intently into Dhue’s eyes not knowing that many Washington reporters have covered this event in the past, not to mention the next-day journo-filled National Prayer Breakfast where President Obama spoke. Dhue replied, “I did not know there was a reporter in the room.”

But, in fact, there were several reporters scattered throughout that basement banquet room where Dhue admitted the harder details of her life — print, radio and TV. In fact, another speaker was Doug Hill, the ABC7 weather reporter. He discussed the sudden death of his young son, a tough divorce, previous thoughts of suicide and wanting to drive himself off a bridge not to mention his incredible fears of thunderstorms after his childhood home was struck by lightening.

All quotations used from this morning’s Today Show segment were from FishbowlDC’s original report. Dhue said FNC has backed her in her recovery. “They know about my struggle with this and they have been very supportive,” said the ex-anchor who left the network in 2008.

FYI: Dhue reached out to anyone struggling with the issue, saying she’s on Facebook for anyone who wants discuss alcoholism.