Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Coffee shop dwellers behaving badly

“Women at Dupont @Starbucks actually told me they needed the 2nd table at a packed shop for their books. Really.” — Metro Weekly‘s White House Correspondent Chris Geidner.

The media, Herman Cain, and  sexual harassment

“The focus on his private life was totally justifiable. I was not a big fan of the original Politico story, which I felt had some holes in it and didn’t have on-the record sources. But [it] led to other women coming forward. It led to Ginger White.” — Steve Roberts, syndicated columnist and professor of media and public affairs at GWU, on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Arianna’s tired of Herman

“BREAKING: I’d like to announce I’m suspending reading anything further about the candidacy of Herman Cain.” — AOL HuffPost‘s Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington.

AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

“Yaaaay, someone told you that George Will and Major Garrett aren’t women (ie they have penises, just like the ones in your cute little picture)! and look at you – you fixed it! Good girl! Now, just one more and you’ll be all set! Jennifer Rubin is a woman (ie, she doesn’t have a penis). Just fyi. Keep up the great work, Betsy, you’re so awesome. everyone thinks so!!” — a regular weekly AnonymASS Tipster. A little while later, ASS added, “Jennifer Rubin has a vagina. Can you put a vagina next to her name in your sexist rant about the Sunday shows? Thanks! Have a great weekend!” Thank you, ASS, your comments are always appreciated.

Hey, if Gawker’s editors don’t mind…

“When’s Huckabee gonna jam with Ted Nugent and Trump‘s cock in his mouth?” — Gawker Political Editor Jim Newell in a weekend observation.

Speaking of Gawker, they picked up on this dirty D.C. headline on Friday in the Washington Examiner: “Reader Fingers Murder Suspect.”

Was it taffeta?

“Still haven’t gotten used to spending more for a tank of gas than I did for my prom dress.” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty.

And the function of a spokesperson is…?

“Me: ‘Why is X not happening?’ Spox: ‘I encourage you to email our press@organization w/ questions like that.’ Uh. But. Aren’t you…?” — Agence France-Press’s Olivier Knox.

‘Normalbrag’ versus Humblebrag

“There is a hot woman in my kitchen wearing one of my shirts and watching me cook. I am not paying her and we are not related. #normalbrag” — Reason Magazine Associate Editor Mike Riggs (in a relatively recent tweet).

Convo Between Two Journos

Today’s exchange is between Politico’s Keach Hagey and Jennifer Epstein.

Hagey: “Fox News now talking about how Herman Cain probably wants a gig on Fox News.”

Epstein: “Meta”