Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Convo Between Two Journos

This morning’s conversation is between Salon’s Glenn Greenwald and The Guardian’s Jim Newell.

Greenwald: “As this CNN panel discusses ethical issues of Hillary’s huge speech fees, anchor changes topic to… Michelle’s bangs.”

Newell:  “I will dress up like Hillary Clinton and give speeches for a ramen cup, if anyone’s interested.”

Greenwald: “There may be a market for that.”

Judgmental Journo

“The Gawker is an amusing little gossip smut site. But I can’t say I’ve ever read a single item with any real social value on The Gawker.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

Happy Belated Birthday Stanton! 

“It’s @dcbigjohn‘s birthday. Be afraid, whiskey.” — NPR freelancer Lizzie O’Leary on BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton, who, as it so happens, was dabbling in whiskey last night: “Back in the old District of Chaos. To the whiskey cave!” And this: “Thanks for all the birthday wishes folks. If you’re a bottle of Jameson in the DMV urrea, get your affairs in order cause I’m comin’ for ya.”

Life at HuffPost gets barfy

“Ten wings, 1 minute 43 seconds. New personal record!!!” — HuffPost‘s Amanda Terkel. Followed by this: “Ew. Sam Stein just barfed.” And then this: “For the record, I love wings. But I did not eat that many. That tweet was not from me.”

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“The cat is unusually happy that I am home, even for a cat who is always happy when I come home.” — Erik Loomis, a blogger at Lawyers, Guns and Money.

Anonymous Tipster to FishbowlDC: “Mike Allen mentioned Judy Kurtz twice in Playbook today for her birthday. Once as The Hill’s Judy Altscher (??) and once as Judy Kurtz.” Read here.

Politico Playbook Publish Time: 4:32 a.m.

Anonymous Tipster to FishbowlDC: “Honestly, FUCK MIKE ALLEN! What an asshole! Politico is regarded by EVERYONE in D.C.’s media as the most obnoxious, self-promoting, shameless outlet there is — BY FAR. For Mike Allen to go to such extended lengths to hit the NYT with a supposed ethics lesson in Playbook is just ENRAGING!” (To put in proper context, on Saturday, Allen called the NYT and specifically Jonathan Weisman on the carpet for printing a “carbon copy” of a story on its front page after Politico ran theirs on Thursday. For this, Allen gave NYT the “No Shame Award.” But he didn’t stop there. He went on to give the NYT the “Playbook Facts of Life” in which he said, “You can’t try to pass something off as new, when the people who care the most about the topic have read the same thing 24 hours earlier. You’re The New York Times: Be confident! Acknowledge the conversation around a topic you’re imbuing with your unique authority. A clever way to needle Cruz, and give readers a priceless insight into the Washington ecosystem, would have been to say ’emailed in a statement that was identical to one he provided to Politico.”” Weisman didn’t take Allen’s lecture lightly. He wrote on Twitter, “Utterly absurd. Story was in the works for weeks. You pull the trigger when you think it’s ripe. Public story.”)

Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.