Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

DOG IN SUITCASE: “Packing my things for a short vacation.”HuffPost‘s Sam Stein with the accompanying photograph.

Words to live by

“I’ve certainly been to Ikea. Just don’t recall a meatballs department.” — CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Whistling while she works

“Dear neighbors: your fears are correct: I am recording a whistling demo. If you had not locked your wifi this might have been avoided.” — WaPo humor blogger and columnist Alexandra Petri.

Journo sees glass half full

“Much as I have to complain about younger journalists, at least they didn’t grow up with this super-distorted idolatry of Woodward/Bernstein” — Media Matters’ Oliver Willis.

Politico Playbook Publish Time: 8:08 a.m.

Quote Taken out of Context

“Just so long as cows don’t start showing up in my horse meat meat balls.” — WSJ‘s Neil King.

Meghan McCain tries to avoid foot fetishist

“There’s a foot fetishist on twitter whose bio says my feet are one of his two favorites ever. So basically I’m done with the internet today.” — MSNBC Contributor and Daily Beast Columnist Meghan McCain.

Weigel says no Judd

“We focus too much on Ashley Judd and not enough on the 300 million odd other Americans who will also never be senators.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

Ugly convo between two journos.

A conversation between CBS Chief Legal and Political Correspondent Jan Crawford and former Mitt Romney Spokesman and former Esquire blogger Richard Grenell,  who regularly critiques the media for Fox News. We pieced it together as best we could from Twitter.

CBS’ Crawford: “It was one of Richard’s followers–just one example of many similar tweets triggered by his false diatribes.”

Grenell: “Jan, you can’t say sequester is going to affect the zoo, talk about dying frogs and then plead innocent when we call BS.”

CBS’ Crawford: “I didn’t. That was an example of the kind of successful research the zoo has done. They identified that virus.” And this: “Absolutely not. Sorry to interrupt your latest misinformed tirade, but that’s an example of research the zoo’s ALREADY done.” And this: “Old Low: Trafficking in wild misstatements of fact on your twitter feed. That’s not what I said–nor was it all on the zoo.”

CBS’ Crawford: “Richard Grenell, You can’t repeatedly lie about my work, misstate my views, and then, when I finally object, pretend you said something else.”

Grenell: “Check the tape, Jan. it is what you said. 1/3 of frogs may die if sequester happens.” And this: “CBS reporters all up in arms because a conservative listened in on their reports and challenged them. imagine if we watched CBS regularly?!”