Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

FBDC regular lambastes Ezzy

“@ezraklein surprise us. say something critical of Obama. No, not ‘he is too handsome for a politician'” — Ohio’s avid Washington journalism follower Larry Kelly to WaPo blogger and Democratic strategist Ezra Klein.

Politico‘s Shermanator  to Lady Gaga’s rescue

After @ladygaga wrote, “KILL THE BITCH” Politico‘s Jake Sherman seemed rather concerned. He wrote, “This sounds drastic, LG. call me tonight.” HuffPost‘s Elise Foley then jumped in, saying, “That sounds weird, JS.” He wasn’t swayed. He wrote, “Elise Foley, I’M CONCERNED ABOUT LADY GAGA! IS THAT A CRIME!??!?!” Okay, Fast Break, take it easy. We know you had the best of intentions with, er, Lady Gaga.

A reader psychoanalyzes FishbowlDC’s thoughts

“It’s like @fishbowldc is under the impression they actually provide some service or usefulness to society.” — FBDC Fan Club Jr. President Brandon Warner. Listen, Brando, apparently you missed the boat this week or don’t need free furniture, but we alerted our readers to 19 free green chairs being given away by House Beautiful Magazine this week. That is a public service, as is Wendy Wednesday, White House Soup of the Day and all the other important posts we write. No doubt, you’re saving the world or the whales or both. So please enlighten us whenever possible.

ABC7 is giving away free iPad

“You’ve got precious little time to enter to win a new iPad from us on Facebook! Click here to enter to win.” — ABC7 in a tweet that has nothing to do with a criminal in Kensington, Md. who “shit and killed” himself. Go here to win the iPad.