Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

INSOMNIA AT A GLANCE: “Nights when I’m up against my will worrying about everything affecting everyone I love are dumb and pointless, but I get to see this. It’s nice.” — Laurie White, writer, photographer, blogger, with accompanying photograph.

AnonymASS Tipster of the Day

Anonymous: “Why does nobody look into the affair between BLANK and BLANK?” Memo to ASS: Why do frogs ribbet? Because you have no proof whatsoever, AnonymASS. Or if you do, you haven’t given it to us. It also sounds like you have a personal stake in this, which, frankly makes me nervous.

Oh no! Is Gene Weingarten radioactive?

“If any of you wants to melt some gold down for quick cash, my body appears to be at 230 degrees celsius right now.” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten, who clearly missed his flu shot. God speed, Gene! I have FBDC and Current TV’s Peter Ogburn praying for you all day long.

Speaking of Ogburn…is he bringing sexy back?

“@BPShow Are you guys still live on Current? I can’t seem to get you. I want to feast my eyes on @peterogburn’s smexxy bod-eh. ♥‿♥” — Unknown. Twitter account no longer exists. And the answer? Yes, “Full Court Press” is still on the air for another few months.

Incest Desk: Isn’t this lovely? 

“Wishing my friend @seanhannity and his lovely wife Jill a very happy 20th anniversary.” — House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor to his good buddy, FNC’s Sean Hannity. Last time we checked, Hallmark is still in business and stamps are still available. If all that fails, there’s always email. But Twitter?

Congrats to…Olivia Alair, who has joined SKDKinckerbocker as a V.P. Reporters on the trail know her as the campaign press secretary to first lady Michelle Obama. She joins the communications firm from the trail, where she coordinated the first lady’s national communications strategy. Previously, Alair was press secretary for Dept. of Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood. She began her career as a press aide to then-Sen. Joe Biden. Also joining the firm is Nina Jenkins as a senior associate. She spent two years as a member of the research department for the Obama campaign.

HuffPost employee irked by press room in “The West Wing”…

Holding true to his New Year’s wish… for more hard “k” sounds, C-SPAN’s Communications Director Howard Mortman writes on Twitter, “#FF to these folks with ‘hard K sound’ names: Kim Kardashian, Kirk Kerkorian, Dirk Kempthorne, Kirk Cousins.”

Reporter pushes for more females in White House

“Rep. Rosa DeLauro was in consideration for Labor Secretary in 08. White House needs a female member in its cabinet.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

What the hell? “Watching the West Wing on Netflix. It keeps bothering me how unrealistic the Press Room looks in that series (even pre-renovation).” — HuffPost‘s Social Media guru Ethan Klapper.

Travel bitches

“Someday maybe some hotels will no longer treat guests as if we are all members of an international hanger-stealing syndicate.” — Tracy Sefl, elite media communications specialist.

TV journo boasts of his weight loss

“Yeah, i know, new Avatar –i just like the look more no other reason. oh, okay 8 pounds lighter!” — CNBC’s Jim Cramer.