Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“I’m glad my four-star general got a four-star penis. That’s what I like. … I LOVE a good scandal. Ooooooh!!” — Comedian Loni Love on E!’s “Chelsea Lately” show last night.

Uh oh. Howard Kurtz: Shirtless?

“Feeling out of the loop for not having any shirtless photos of myself. Maybe that’s the new business card.” — CNN and Newsweek/The Daily Beast‘s Sexy Beast Howard Kurtz.

Gay activist hopes for dirty pics

“You know that in all those tens of thousands of emails that there have to be some pictures….there has to be.” — GOProud Co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia.

Actress weighs in on Petraeus scandal

“Petraeus thing getting weirder. How about the unstable sister and the judge? Still, it’s a crying shame. Many lives in ruins. — Bette Midler.

Meghan reinvents herself and the GOP

“I decided I will now refer to myself and others like me as ‘modern republicans’ not ‘moderate’. I think it’s a better description. #evolve” — MSNBC and The Daily Beast‘s Meghan McCain.

Important Question to Ponder: “WTF is your job as a flak if you literally refuse to talk to reporters? What an embarrassment.” — Mother Jones‘ Nick Baumann.

Sighting: Jada Pinkett Smith

“Spotted in Senate subways: Jada Pinkett Smith.” — Bloomberg Senate Leadership reporter Kate Hunter.

WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza becomes the Scolder-in-Chief

“Rove twitpic with Paul Broadwell is from JUNE. Come on people.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza.

Sen. Kerry breaks promise to press

“Sen. John Kerry promised reporters he’d come out to the mics to talk after closed Benghazi briefing, then gives us the slip. Sneaky.” — Fox News’ Kara Rowland.


A journo has something good to say about Amtrak for a change, a GOP operative is going to flip out during his commute any day now and NBC MTP’s Betsy Fischer Martin has an observation about military marriages …

SHOCKER! Reporter praises Amtrak

“One thing Amtrak has done very well: Cheese and cracker platters.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

Journo theorizes about NYT‘s Maureen Dowd

“Rule: The more miserable the story, the better the Maureen Dowd column it will make.” — NY Daily News‘ Op-ed Editor Josh Greenman.

Overworked journo: “Is it me or did it feel like there were 4 news cycles today?” — NPR’s Sonari Glinton.

On military marriages…

“Gen. Ward demoted & dinged in IG rprt for insisting his wife travel w him on govt dime. In light of current probs, seems like $$ well spent.” — NBC “Meet the Press”  Executive Producer Betsy Fischer Martin.

Watch out! A recipe for road rage

“One thing I learned post E-day is driving to/from work during rush hour in DC is HORRIBLE. Hate the grind.” — Tim Miller, Deputy Communications Dir. at Republican National Committee and former spokesman to GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman.