Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

BIRTHDAY GIRL: “Bom dia Rio. Thanks sun for coming out today on my birthday eve.”USA Today travel writer Nancy Trejos.


“Maybe if Holly Petraeus spent a little less time at the CPFB…….” — Free Beacon‘s Michael Goldfarb.

Right-wing writer concedes one nice thing about Obama

“The one — ONE — thing I agree with Barack Obama on is that Homeland is the best show on TV.” — TWT senior ppinion writer Emily Miller.

From a very nerdy Dept. of Bragiculture…

“Cool moment. Ran into Sen. Leahy just now at DCA. We talked about Phish. He said his son knows Trey. He’s a Dead guy but loves Phish, too.” — National Review Online‘s Robert Costa.

Reporter makes desperate plea for coffee

“One million preteen kids just boarded my metro car. Save me. #havenothadenufcoffeeforthis” — WSJ bank reg reporter Victoria McGrane.

The Ass Kisser

“Very interesting piece here by @DylanBiers.” — Commentary‘s John Podhoretz. (Last week the pair was bickering until PodWhore realized Byers wasn’t actually insulting him. Now they’re in love. )

Scribe says other woman’s hubby is alleged douchebag

“You’re a pretentious douchebag if Dear Abby isn’t good enough for your problems and you have to seek out the NY Times ‘Ethicist’ columnist.” — The Daily Caller TV writer Jeff Poor. (The Ethicist received a letter frighteningly similar to the situation swirling around Paula Broadwell, alleged mistress to General David Petraeus.)

And this from a facetious Politico reporter… “Dear Ethicist: I work in an information security-related field but am considering writing explicit and career-destroying emails. Help me?” — Politico‘s Alexander Burns.

The Complimenter

“The 2013 Calendar sent out to all its print subscribers reminds me of what an amazing photographer team @washingtonpost has on its rolls.” — WSJ‘s Raju Narisetti, formerly of WaPo.

NPR’s Andy Carvin works on final edit of his book in Istanbul, a publicist weighs in on latest sex scandal to rock D.C., a CNN Contributor has a problem with his hip flexor and two straight journos have a gay convo…

Just an ordinary day at a café

“An armored personnel carrier with a water cannon just trundled past the cafe. And the klezmer band plays on.” — Carvin.

Sex scandal fallout

“Relationships are complicated, especially ones involving infidelity. But in a world that craves simple narratives, Petraeus’s mistress is about to get cast as Glenn Close in ‘Fatal Attraction.'” — National Journal publicist Taylor West.

“I hope the next CIA director is better at keeping secrets.” — WaPo‘s Lindsay Applebaum.

“If Petraeus wasn’t victim of honey trap (& it seems not), then multiple foreign govts must be kicking themselves tonight.” — The Daily Mail‘s Toby Harnden.

“Remember as a kid when you thought the spies got all the gals? Yeah… Turns out at a cost.#adultproblems” — YG Action Fund and former House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor flack Brad Dayspring.

“I could not care less about Petraeus’s marriage. I kind of wish these things wouldn’t be disqualifying, but D/CIA position is based on trust.” — The Week‘s Marc Ambinder.

Roland has hip flexor issue

“Hip flexor still bothering me, but I don’t sit down at football games, even here. That’s how we were taught at Texas A&M; only at halftime.” — CNN Contributor and Washington Watch’s Roland Martin.

Convo Between Two Media Journos

CNN and The Daily Beast‘s Sexy Beast Howard Kurtz: “A gay villain in a Bond film? The world has changed since I started reading 007.” (Kurtz links to this story on The Daily Download by Andy Roth.)

Slate‘s Jack Shafer: “You have bad gaydar.”