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Quotes of the Day

CONTEMPLATIVE: “Getting ready for Meet the Press this morning from Richmond” — House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) in a moment of deep, meditative, almost wax figure silence before going on the program.

“Okay, buddy. Great night. Get some sleep. In about 72 hours, Axelrod’s gonna be looking for us.” — Joe’s Mustache (@AMJoesMoustache) to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who made a campaign bet last week that will either have him growing a stache or Obama Campaign Advisor David Axelrod shaving his off.

Sunday morning at 4:38 a.m.: “I would like about 3 more hours of sleep. Instead: DCA.” — Yahoo! News’ Olivier Knox.

Journo hears anti-gay sentiment on trail

“An irate attendee at this Boehner event in OH told me she opposes Obama because ‘he’s forcing through this gay shit.’ Alrighty then!” — HuffPost‘s Jennifer Bendery.

Editor invents new Twitter terminology

“Defining new term: Twitter War Hostage| when yr handle gets dragged along in twitter fight btw 2 others long after u have anything 2do w/it.” — TPM Editor Josh Marshall.

Journo nightmare

“I had a terrible dream that I set my clock back and it was Nov. 4, 2011.” — Politico‘s Maggie Haberman.

On Saturday night NBC “MTP’s” David Gregory encouraged everyone to have fun with daylight savings: “My feeling is don”t wait until 2am to turn your clocks back. Have some fun with it. Do it now.”

Editor wrestles with cat’s underarm hair

“Spent half an hour untangling my cat’s underarm hair – finally had to give up and cut out a matted hunk #MaineCoonproblems.” — Washington Gardener Editor Kathy Jentz, who clearly made the most of her daylight savings time this weekend.

Anticipation: “Moving to my third coffee shop of the day. … But, I’m thinking y’all will think this story is worth it.” — BuzzFeed‘s Chris Geidner. Anticipation II: “Hour 19 of today: waiting. waiting. and more waiting. We cannot wait to actually have control of our own lives.” — LAT‘s Maeve Reston.

Captain Obvious: “In three days, we’ll know who the president will be for the next four years! Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?” — The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle. What?!?! Is there an election??? We’re thinking he should stick with stories on senators and Dominican prostitutes.

Irony is…

“Starbucks Dupont believes in overheating its coffee to mouth-scalding temperatures but they’re too cheap to turn on the friggin’ heat.” — MetroWeekly‘s Randy Shulman.

FNC’s ‘Fair and Balanced’ reaches preposterous proportions

“Fox News anchor: If viewers want ‘far-left’ news, they go to MSNBC. If they want ‘fair and balanced,’ they come here.” — HuffPost‘s Amanda Terkel.

D.C. publicist would rather do anything than watch Sen. Rob Portman. And which Politico reporter basically tells complaining NY marathoners to STFU? Also: journo witness to giant car wreck caused by a bear.


“Obama volunteer next to me at restaurant says she used her history of breast cancer to guilt trip an undecided voter into supporting Obama.” — DoubleThink‘s J.P. Freire.

From the Road…

“Seen on swing state road trip: A wreck caused by a GIANT black bear. Musta been 6-7 ft long, lying in road. People OK, assume bear dead.” — HotAir‘s Mary Katharine Ham.

Politico‘s White puts marathoners in their place

“Did you lose money coming for marathon? I feel bad for you bro. But people are dead. Lives are shattered.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

Memories…“Doesn’t feel like Sunday before the election if I can’t read David Broder. #missingagreatone.” — CNBC and NYT‘s John Harwood.

The Dreamer

“If I ever got to do a TED Talk, I’d keep the little head mic on for the next month, even in the shower.” — New York Daily News Opinion Editor Josh Greenman.

Uh oh.

“Oh great. Clocks turn back tonight. This means my 2 year old will be getting up at 4:30am instead of 5:30. Kill me now.” — Commentary mag’s PodWhore (a.k.a. John Podhoretz).

And in other Daylight Savings news…

“Why is Chuck Todd on MSNBC right now? I’d rather watch Lockup: RAW or Contessa Brewer narrate cat videos and car chases.” — @Emokidsloveme at 4:54 a.m. Sunday morning.

Sen. Portman stills wears boring label

“Watch paint dry or listen to Rob Portman talk? Hard to tell which is more boring.” — Publicist Courtney Cohen.

Spotted: At the Red Skins game, The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Poor wearing a Cam Newton jersey.

Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.

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