Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

DISTURBING: “Holloween 2012 — I’m a tiger in bed,” — HBO’s Bill Maher. We have to say, former Rep. David Wu (D-OutofHisMind) plays a better tiger.

NOT TOO FAR OFF: “I went as Carmen Miranda for night three of Halloween” labor journo Mike Elk. Miranda was a Portuguese Samba singer and Broadway actress who was popular in the 40s and 50s.

Comedian Lizz Winstead: “I was gonna shove my head up my own ass and go as an undecided voter but I couldn’t find the right shirt.”

Lady goes bananas for Halloween

“Lady just handed out bananas to trick or treaters – wrong on so many many levels.” — Politico‘s Glenn Thrush.

Editor finds wife’s anger at Gov. Christie sexy

“Wife’s so mad at Christie it’s coming out in Spanish. Which I must say is kinda sexy.” —‘s John Nolte.

Speaking of sexy…

“A lot of hot dads in the neighborhood. #justsaying” — Conservative writer Lisa De Pasquale.

Bret Baier gets compliment on weight

Hollifina writes, “You look like a different person. How did you lose weight? Does Ur family live in Manhattan?” Baier replied, “Wash dc.” What, no thank you to Hollifina?

Journo blasé about TV hit

“On MSNBC 10ish, going blah blah blah.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

Journo shaken by neighborhood crime

“So there was a shooting a block from my apartment…circling helicopter, searchlight ablaze, means they haven’t caught the guy, yes?” — The Hill‘s Alexandra Jaffe.

Irritated blogger

“As a new insomniac, I love breaking glasses in the middle of the dark night. On my foot. Curse you, sloppy boys.” — Lisa Rowan, a vintage blogger who writes

Meghan McCain reveals what she was going to be for Halloween and more questions about that Daily Caller hooker video…

Meghan as Ke$ha

“Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. My grand plan to dress up as Ke$ha was thwarted by Sandy, but I’m hearing the parade will be rescheduled?” — MSNBC Contributor and Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain.

An Axelrod’s stache hypothesis

“I always thought Axelrod’s mustache was made of shaved chocolate.” — New York Daily News Opinion Editor Josh Greenman.

Lesbian accuses politico of being selfish

“Rhonda, the lesbian I just met, said that I’m single because I’m too self centered! really? She just met me!” — Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founder of GOProud.

Newell has q’s about the hooker piece

“Quite a few questions about that story! For starters: Was it a threesome or separate occasions? (I have no other questions.)” — The Guardian and Salon‘s Jim Newell.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.