Morning Chatter

Quotes Of The Day

JOURNO LOVE: “Political dream team – the two best campaign embeds in America hard at work in Celina, OH” They are Emily Friedman and Shushannah Walshe. — ABC’s Jonathan Karl.

The Self-Appointed Weatherman

Our resident trusty weatherman, FBDC’s Eddie Scarry, reports, “PSA: Hurricane residue in Washington today; really, REALLY rainy, high of 53F.”

Everyone‘s a weatherman, right? “Light-to-moderate rain early this morning across D.C. Some ponding on the roads, but the rain will get heavier as the morning goes on.” — NJ “The Hotline’s” Polling Editor Steven Shepard.

Baier Vomit

“Both kids 5 & 2 wanted ‘hurricane stories’ at bedtime 2nite as Sandy approaches. I have covered 14 of them but bedtime versions take finesse.” — FNC anchor Bret Baier.

Waffling Hurricane Humor

“Q: What do you call a frozen waffle in a hurricane? A: #Sandy Eggo” — Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher. We hope he tries Knock Knock jokes as the day wears on.

Do Not Piss Ethan Off People

“It’s not funny to send false information about this storm to trick people. Grow up, Twitter.” — HuffPost Social Media Editor Ethan Klapper.


“Love the bangs @WeatherKim!” — NBC Washington’s Angie Goff at 4:30 a.m.

Sherri Shepherd shares hurricane anecdote we could’ve done without

“Trying to get things ready re hurricane – Filled up the bathtub w water and Jeffrey promptly took his clothes off and got ready to jump in!” — ABC “The View’s” Sherri Shepherd.

Editor teaches son to shave

“Taught my son how to shave tonight. Time really does fly. #memories” — The Hill’s Managing Editor Bob Cusack.

Journo dreams of Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston

“I had a dream last night that @FreeBeacon was purchased by Bobby Brown. Whitney was still alive and I had to explain sequestration to her.” — Free Beacon‘s Adam Kredo.

Weather Hype: OH MY GOD, it’s a Hurricane!

(see the best of the best after the jump… Speaking of hurricanes, what’s Lindsay Lohan saying about the impending storm?) Hurricane Fever…

“On may way into DC for my 5:30 CNBC hit on Worldwide Exchange. Starting to regret it just a little. Rain heavier than expected.” — AEI’s James Pethokoukis, also a CNBC Contributor.

“Last min tips on where to pick up a hurricane boyfriend? Suspect Target has more in stock but in the mood for overpriced Whole Foods type.” — GQ‘s Marin Cogan.

“Hurricane already affecting my brain: Just ordered an ‘Olde Brooklyn Lantern’ after seeing infomercial on Weather Channel.” — Washington City Paper Editor Mike Madden.

“I am embarrassed by the standard of my panic buying. Pumpkin beer and two bags of miniature artichokes are not really ‘necessaries.'” — Emily Bell, director of Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia J School.

“I’m writing MM until the lights go out. After that, well, who knows.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

“Finally found a route out of DC and back to NYC. @richardwolffedc and I due to hit the streets of Manhattan at exactly high tide.” — MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

“Today I gathered all my non-perishables to prepare for #Sandy: Red wine and whiskey.” — Politico‘s Madeline Marshall.


“Judging by my Twitter feed, all of NYC is already at Andrew Sullivan-level freakout over Sandy.” — Bloomberg Businessweek National Correspondent Josh Green.

“Last pre-Sandy chore of the night — eating last of ice cream in freezer, but only for just in case power goes out.” NBC Washington’s Tom Sherwood.

“As Sandy approaches please take the necessary precautions to protect your @MittRomney signs – oh, and stock up on batteries and water.” — RNC Comm. Director Sean Spicer.

“That there’s no parking enforcement tomorrow seems a little trivial a thing to care about given the hurricane of horror bearing down on us.” — DCist‘s Martin Austermuhle.

Lindsay Lohan: “THINK POSITIVE” 

“WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i’m calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace.” — actress Lindsay Lohan, who attended this year’s WHCD.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.