Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

IMMATURE, NUTS: “Bison bacon burger, two cheeses, salad of kale, olive, roasted peppers, Shiraz, walnut #ketchup. …I didn’t follow the recipe. Used walnut pieces mostly not unshelled immature nuts. Still great; cant wait for next year’s crop.” — Editor of Cato Unbound‘s Jason Kuznicki.

Monkey business in Church

Reuters’ Sam Youngman: “I don’t mean to speak out of school, but @jonward11 was talking during church.” WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin:  “tattle tale.” National Journal Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier: “To God perhaps?”

Incest Desk

“I’m no killjoy, but traveling press playing football w/Romney staff? Unseemly.” — WaPo‘s Dan Zak. WSJ‘s Elizabeth Williamson agreed, saying, “So wrong.”

Uh Oh.

“Just took 9 aspirin. If that doesn’t work there’s a loaded 9MM under the bed.” —‘s John Nolte.

Traveling journo

“Today in euphemisms: Just got a call from Southwest Airlines telling me my 4:15 p.m. flight has been ‘updated’ to 5:05 p.m.” — WaPo‘s Felicia Sonmez.

And Dana’s just glad they didn’t inspect her vagina…

“Thanks, Indy TSA for allowing my oldest and I to use the metal detector, not scanner, and for not grabbing my ladybits!” — CNN Contributor and’s Dana Loesch. For a refresher on what happened to her at the airport last week, read here.

Eavesdropping at the barber shop

“TAKE NO PRISONERS: Having a blast listening to the back and forth on the election this morning at the barber shop.” — Jamie Dupree, Cox Radio.

 Shocking: Righty journo down on Obama

“Obama campaign is acting like it was back in June when it had a very bad month — snark, hyperbole, and light on big ideas.” — CNN Contributor and‘s Erick Erickson.

Find out which journos had a case of pumpkin fever this weekend and who drank seriously expired Nyquil? Also….find out which one of us was blocked by conservative journo John Podhoretz.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.


“Coffee! Just brewed some pumpkin cinnamon hazelnut the house smells awesome! #Sundays” — theGrio‘s and Essence’ Sophia Nelson.

“Ack! Now I have pies on the brain.Think I’ll whip up a pumpkin today in honor of the season.Thx ladies, thx alot.” — Author Amy Alexander.

“Schlafly Pumpkin Ale … Yum.” — Politico‘s Jonathan Allen.

Press aide drinks 2010 Nyquil

“Drinking TheraFlu Night Time with a September 2005 expiration date. What could go wrong?” — U.S. House Press Gallery staffer Rick Anderson.

FishbowlDC‘s Peter Ogburn sends me a message with the following subject line: Blocked by PodWhore. See evidence above. Asked for comment on why Podhoretz blocked him, Peter remarked, “I’m not sure why he blocked me. I just said that it looked like he was being hugged by a yak, but it was only his body hair.”