Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Airlines and rental car companies, you’ve been warned: “Flying west to visit a bunch of #DigitalFirst newsrooms across Northern California.” — Steve Buttry, Director of Community Engagement at JRC and Digital First Media. Buttry, who has a penchant for voicing travel complaints, also writes, “If you want to appear to be a jerk, sit next to the charging stations & don’t plug in. (@ Gate D11)”

Quite a lineup: “TodayonToday: @chucktodd on #decision2012, latest on @TomCruise – #katieholmes agrmnt, @justinbieber‘s 911 call”

Drudge Channeling Ingmar Bergman? Front page: All the pictures are black and white this morning. They include Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Obama, Brad Pitt and more.

Important Question to Ponder: “Can I get a crowd source here? Is Tommy Christopher’s real name Tom McNulty or Thomas Beller. Also, why’s he pretending to be someone else?” — Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson. Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher, a liberal and disciple to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, has been feuding with The Daily Caller for months, most recently lashing out in a story Monday on the “tragic death” of the Akron diner owner who died hours after meeting President Obama. Christopher was appalled that The Daily Caller could be so insensitive to the 70-year-old woman who died of a heart attack. The pub tweeted that “Obama might have lost a vote in Ohio,” drawing the ire of several Washington reporters.

Speaking of media reporters who spend their days clashing with those who don’t agree with their politics and kissing up to Chris Hayes (oh, hi Tommy!), Christopher (pictured below right) got himself into a nasty dust-up Monday night with Dale Jackson (pictured below left), a conservative Hunstville, Ala. radio host.

Jackson: “Ha. @tommyxtopher is hilarious, scolding people on civility hours after tweeting unfunny fat jokes.” Read a story by Christopher in which he offers Chris Hayes a bunch of “unfunny” fat jokes against Rush Limbaugh for Hayes to “disapprove of.” Tommy, who admits that he once weight about 100 pounds heavier, marveled that during a weekend show His Majesty Hayes gently scolded AEI’s Norm Ornstein for making a Limbaugh fat joke.

Christopher: “Yeah, you’re real dumb. Your charge relies on the comparison. Damn, you’re dumb, even for a conservative radio host.”

Jackson: “And I am not saying @tommyxtopher is wrong about how crass the @DailyCaller was but at least make it hard for people to call you a hypocrite.

Christopher: “If you’ve got the stones, I’d be happy to show both of your listeners just how dumb you are. Let me know, we’ll work it out.”

Jackson: “Anytime. I just don’t understand why a guy who created an unfunny Rush Limbaugh is so fat slide show is so sensitive…”

Christopher: “Who the fuck said I was sensitive? That’s the whole point. Even a fucking asshole like me knows The DC went too far.”

Jackson: “If you do come on I’m going to need you to come up with something better than ‘you are dumb’ (3 of your 4 tweets to me)”

And finally….Jackson: “I said you were sensitive, mostly because you are ranting like a psycho.”

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.