Morning Chatter

INCONSIDERATE CELL PHONE MAN: Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) and his big buttocks captured in the Delta Crown lounge at Reagan National Airport Wednesday afternoon. The congressman chats away on his cell phone, talking about first lady Michelle Obama‘s “large exterior.” If you missed it, see the post here.

Simon gets behind the story

“Why is U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner criticizing the posteriors of others when he gets paid $174,000 a year for sitting on his?” — Politico‘s Roger Simon.

Hide the children for this one…

“From the hate mail: ‘That makes [Obama] a first class ass. And it makes you, the tongue deep up inside it.’ — Gawker Political Editor Jim Newell.

Some q’s are better left unanswered

“Inbox: ‘What do Mickey Mouse and Adolph Hitler have in Common?’ — The Takeaway’s Congressional radio reporter Todd Zwillich.

Editor: Come on Fournier, send me to Hawaii!

“New York Times sent Adam Nagourney to Honolulu to report on the HI SEN race. Hey @Ron_Fournier, when are you sending me?!? #HotlineSort” — NJ “The Hotline” Editor-in-Chief Reid Wilson.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Eating a @sundevich sandwich, sitting on the couch in yoga pants, watching old episodes of Friday Night Lights. #mydayoff.” — Catherine Andrews, senior digital media manager for Home Front Communications.

D.C. journo tries Axe body spray

“Back home for Xmas. Used my little brother’s Axe body wash. Now to sit back and let the ladies flock. So far … no ladies.” — The Daily Caller‘s C.J. Ciaramella.

The first’s lady’s derriere. In French.

“Pour un représentant républicain, Michelle Obama a un ‘gros derrière’… via @fishbowldc — Amaury Brelet, in what is our absolute favorite Wednesday tweet. Can’t speak Francais, but I’m sure you’ll get the gist.

A girl’s gotta have her pearls

“Thanks, as always, to my buds at @WTJewelry for my festive fresh-water pearls! I’ve been wearing them to all my Christmas parties!” — WMAL’s Mary Katharine Ham.

Blitz gets to bottom of insult

“I didn’t exactly hear what that guy in the grocery story said, but paraphrase a little what he said.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asks Jim Acosta to describe the phrase a voter used Wednesday in an Iowa grocery store when he got in Newt’s face to tell him what he thought of him. Psst…that would be “fucking asshole.” Acosta got a little tongue tied and said it involved the f-word, but he didn’t even want to try to rhyme it on a “family program”. Thankfully WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten wasn’t afraid to test his rhyming skills: “Voter tells Gingrich to his face that he is (something that rhymes with ‘clucking glass bowl.’)” Watch here.

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