Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“That’s one crazy cat.” — MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on Politico‘s Patrick Gavin, who appeared on the program this morning. He was referring to Gavin’s abundance of cats.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“It’s toasty in the terminal & my flight is delayed. Good thing I brought my mobile coat rack.” — Fox News D.C. Correspondent Peter Doocy. We like you Doocy junior, probably more than Daddy Doocy, but a “mobile coat rack” was worthy of an Instagram picture?

Eclipse watching gets eclipsed by joker

“Oh and then we had to keep reminding adult people at the park not to stare directly at the eclipse because humanity is a rich tapestry.” — former White House Speechwriter and The Atlantic‘s Jon Lovett. Before that, however, he unleashed a series of folksy tweets, saying, “Eclipse a reminder that a lot of being a kid is figuring out what’s special and why.” He also wrote about  a “lovely” woman at the park who was showing kids the eclipse through an eclipse viewer. He prefaced that one by writing “serious tweet.”

Humblebrag: “I am the least wonky guest on today’s @upwithchris.” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein.

In other bragging…“Gotta say my rental #Ford Taurus is a very impressive car. Looking for a 4 door sedan? Check one out.” — GOP Consultant, “MTP” Analyst and TIME columnist Mike Murphy.

Hey online psychos, this one’s for you

“Word to the Wise: When you get BLOCKED on twitter by one of us-it does NOT mean you have your psycho friends send your psycho tweets instead.” — NBC theGrio’s badass Sophia Nelson.

Most ridiculous Politico Playbook mention today goes to David Martin, father of Senior Political Writer Jonathan Martin. It’s his “BIRTHWEEK.” So can we now expect updates on DMart? We realize the birthday offerings were sparse this morning and this was Mike Allen’s first day back from “fishing” but really?

Tonight: WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza hosts Politics & Pints, a nerdy political trivia night at the Capitol Lounge. “Be there or run the risk of being square,” Cillizza writes in an email. Sign up here.

Whoa what?! FBDC’s Eddie Scarry lost his cell phone this weekend at the Mighty Pint. He’s off to pick up the phone this morning at the Metro from the stranger who found it. “Rather than turn it in, some ass apparently took it home,” Eddie told me. “But it’s locked so they can’t use it.” Update: Stop the presses. Eddie didn’t realize New Carrolton was at the end of the line. He hopped off and turned around. He’s not making the voyage.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.