Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Oh God, seriously?

“@JoeNBC looking for a retweet for my daughter kelly taking her last final today, as she celebrates her 21st at Indiana University!” — Emily Donohue. Lady, this is what you want for your daughter, a retweet? How about just about anything else? In years to come, we’re sure she’ll remember the retweet from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. How special.

Former TWT scribe checks in

“The weather in London has been absolutely horrible. But then again that’s really nothing new. What’s new with me? Well. Working on a monster research paper about Sudan. Shower in the apartment is broken for the THIRD time since Jan.” — Kara Rowland, formerly a White House reporter for TWT. She’s now at the London School of Economics.

Lauder kisses reporter’s cheek

“When I told Leonard Lauder @EsteeLauder I wore his products he kissed my cheek at lunch w/ @saks and Carolina Herrera.” — Bloomberg’s Stephanie Green.

If you have to ask, the answer is big fat: NO

“Does this combo work? Matter of some dispute in this meeting.” — NPR’s Scott Simon. Please Simon, we’d love to assess what you are going to wear everyday. And we’re not joking. You send the pictures. We’ll tell you if it’s presentable.