Morgan Hertzan Leaves LX.TV to Start New Production Company

The man behind LX.TV is out.

LX, provides lifestyle programming for several NBC stations, including WNBC/Channel 4.

The decision that caused Morgan Hertzan, the co-founder of LX.TV, to leave is not clear.

A NBC Universal spokesperson says,”Morgan Hertzan is leaving LX.TV to start another production company.  Morgan and his team at LX.TV have a strong record of turning innovative concepts into engaging shows that resonate with audiences across the country, including the nationally-syndicated Open House.  We thank Morgan for his many contributions and wish him all the best in his new venture.”

The Daily News, however, tells a different story, saying Hertzan had been without a contract for the past six months. Furthermore, his departure was connected to Channel 4 decision to move the LX produced New York Live from 5 p.m. slot to 3 p.m.

Another source tells the newspaper that “time had run out” on Hertzan’s relationship with NBC and Hertzan was “ready to try something different.”

Among the LX.TV shows seen on WNBC are 1st Look and real-estate themed Open House.

Hertzan, a former MTV executive, realized LX.TV in 2006 as a broadband video network with Joseph Varet and oversaw its expansion to cable and broadcast TV at NBC.