Actor Exploits Morgan Freeman Celebrity Voice-Over Loophole

TomKaneScreenGrabAt one end of Tom Kane’s voice-over actor resume, there are credits like announcing the 78th Annual Academy Awards. At the other, as revealed in today’s L.A. Times piece by Joe Flint, is some very strange subbing for an actor who was a presenter at that very ceremony:

Kane has found work imitating celebrity voices so ad agencies can use his impersonation to sell clients on the idea of using the real actor for a commercial. “I’ve actually gotten Morgan Freeman a number of jobs,” he said.

Bizarre, and definitely worthy of being filed under “March of the Paradoxes.” Because elsewhere in the article, Kane grumbles about how the current preponderance of seven-figure voice-over fee actors is making it much harder for people like him to earn a decent living. He also believes the trend has more to do with ad agency star worship than any actual brand-value enhancement.

Maybe Kane should consider passing on his next Freeman presentation pitch. Could help even the VO odds ever so slightly.

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