Morgan Freeman Covers All the Political Bases

Secretaries of State, fictional and real.

The CBS series Madam Secretary returns Oct. 2 for a third season. And when it does, the debut episode will bear the directorial stamp of the world’s eighth media wonder, Morgan Freeman.

The above photo of Freeman on set was shared early Thursday on the actor’s official Facebook page. We hope that after any July 28 production obligations, the 79-year-old maestro was able to watch and listen to himself narrate the coronation of the first female nominee for president, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The mountain of trending Twitter reaction to Freeman’s masterful narration of the 12-minute film put together by Shonda Rhimes included suggestions that the actor serve in a Clinton administration as Chief Narrator or perhaps White House press secretary. Another interesting element of Freeman surging to the top of the U.S. Twitter trending topics list last night is that he bumped “North Korea.” The Hermit Kingdom was trending Thursday because of an interview by AP Pyongyang correspondent Eric Talmadge with a DPRK representative, who suggested that the placement of Kim Jong-un on the sanctioned individuals list amounts to a declaration of war by the U.S.

If we were manning The Onion, our headline today would involve Jong-un agreeing to downgrade all threats and embrace Korean unification, in exchange for the promise of a biographical film narrated by Freeman.

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