More Ways To Rock Your LinkedIn

More tips for the LinkedIn ninja, courtesy of Social Media Examiner:

  • “LinkedIn has a ton of authority on Google.”
    This is great, as you can basically guarantee that your LinkedIn profile will turn up on the first page of Google, maybe even outranking those drunken photos of you.
  • “It is possible to import your WordPress blog feed to your profile by searching for the WordPress application. This is a quick way for others to scan your blog content at a glance.”
    If you have a blog, why NOT add the WordPress app?
  • “It’s not required to be the event coordinator to create an event. An event can be created if you have an interest in going to an event or will be an attendee.”
    Just like on Facebook, you can create an event for anything you’re looking to attend—then you can see who else in your network is interested in going and maybe even meet up with them. The “Events” page isn’t easy to find; you’ve got to click “More” from the top navigation bar first, and then choose Events, but it’s worth it.
  • You can change your website links to be more SEO-friendly.
    For example, where it says “My Blog,” choose “Edit,” and put in a title (or a search term, like “Social Media Marketing.”) We’re amazed at how many people leave these titles defaulted to “My company,” “My Website,” etc.

One more tip, courtesy of us, not Social Media Examiner: You can message anyone who shares a group with you, even if they’re not otherwise in your network. With some groups boasting thousands of members, how great is that? Don’t abuse this feature, but if there’s someone you’re dying to meet, maybe someone whose brain you’d like to pick, maybe you’re already in a group with this person.

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