More Than Just Stupid Stuff and Things Exploding? Nomad Editions Launches Social Media-Themed Magazine, U+Me

Just as Web 2.0 has made the Internet a social space, mobile devices have made it possible to just sit quietly and read, free from the clutter and distractions of the rest of the Internet. U+Me, the latest in a series of mobile magazines by Nomad Editions, is a little bit of both. The inaugural issue, which launched on February 11th, takes a closer look at Internet culture with stories about the people behind the viral videos and the social media campaigns that made the headlines.

The title of issue, “Stupid Stuff and Things Exploding” fits the complicated nature of its content, which includes an in-depth analysis of how social media launched a revolution in Egypt. The stories range from a heartwarming look at the guy who created an amazing Muppet video to propose to his girlfriend on YouTube to a surreal test of Moonit’s astrology-based matchmaking tool to find out if Tiger Mom, the meme character based on Amy Chua’s parenting memoir, is more compatible with High Expectations Father or Emo Dad. (Answer: Emo Dad.)

The highlight is an interview conducted over Twitter with Brian Lynch, the film and comic book writer who co-created Joss Whedon’s Angel: After the Fall and who became a Twitter celebrity by tweeting from the audience of the ill-fated Spiderman musical. From the “Twinterview”:

@Brian Lynch I don’t want to be on TV because I saw a Spidey stuntman fall off a ledge. I want to be on TV because I pushed a Spidey stuntman off a ledge.

In short, it’s a celebration of the low-brow entertainment that spreads through the intellectuals who populate the Internet and occasionally changes the world.

If you missed our earlier post on the subject, Nomad Editions was founded by former Newsweek exec Mark Edmiston, along with media veterans Marjorie Martay and Jock Spivy and renowned designer Roger Black. u+me is edited by Los Angeles-based writer Chris Kaye, who also serves as the editorial director of The Rundown, a daily email with editions in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco; and NYC-based creative directors Trevett McCandliss and Nancy Campbell. Readers can sign up for a free trial here or click here to enter to win an iPad on Facebook.