More than 15M users connect Facebook with iOS 6

More than 15.3 million users have connected their Facebook accounts with iOS 6, according to our AppData tracking service.

On Monday, Apple announced that more than 100 million iOS devices are running the latest operating system. This means roughly 15 percent of iOS users have connected with Facebook only a week after the option became available. Facebook integration in iOS 6 allows users to post photos and status updates directly to the social network, sync their contacts and events, as well as Like items in iTunes and the App Store.

It’s worth noting that users can connect a single Facebook account to multiple devices — an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, for example — and the number of devices running iOS 6 and connecting with Facebook is growing every day so this is a very early figure. Overall, though, this is a good number of people connecting with Facebook, considering that users are not prompted to connect their accounts during the process of upgrading to iOS 6 or starting up their iPhone 5. It seems many users were aware of the Facebook integration in advance and sought out to connect their accounts through the settings menu, where they can also configure Twitter sharing. Users will also see a prompt when they attempt to share a link or photo to Facebook for the first time.

Some users might have hesitated to connect with Facebook because of reports that it will create duplicate contacts or include the wrong email addresses for their friends. However, users have the option to disable contacts and events from syncing. Others might not ever want to connect their accounts because they prefer not to link Facebook to other services. When users connect iOS with Facebook, third-party apps can more easily use a person’s Facebook information to customize the experience, though users have full control over which apps can do this.

According to AppData, iOS has 15,346,811 monthly active users and 12,492,123 daily active users. For the most part, Facebook has not been reporting numbers for iOS, but it did temporarily today.