More Stars! More Legends! More Bierut!


As we recover from our exhilarating marathon gabfest at the Design Legends Gala Wednesday night (that’s our boy Bierut accepting his Medal above), a few more highlights from the evening. You can also read more Gala coverage by Fast Company’s number-one design fan, Linda Tischler.

Early in the evening, we complimented Massimo and Lella Vignelli on their photo in the NY Times from last week’s National Design Awards and asked if it was their first time pictured in the paper. Not the first time, said Massimo, and probably not the last time, either. With a twinkle in his eye, he hinted he probably wouldn’t be able to see that last one.

Otis’ Kali Nakitis was crowned with the best hair of the night, a scintillating tiara of tinsel and rhinestones protruding from her awesome curls. Dana Arnett’s Harley-riding persona shone through his formal attire; dozens of multi-colored buttons zig-zagged up his shirt. Friend-of-Paul-Smith Michael Hodgson’s cuffs were ruffled.

Alex Isley’s Spy book comes out this week, so we asked him what it was like working with Kurt Andersen. “Good speakerphone conversations,” said Isley. We heard Andersen’s disembodied voice during dinner but he had vanished before we could corner him. Maybe we’ll catch him on the radio.

For all you budding design writers, Alice Twemlow told us she’s chairing a brand-new MFA program for design criticism at SVA. Sign up next summer, class begins in fall of 2008. Our new best friend Steven Heller disclosed information about his voluminous new website and a fondness for Lindsay Lohan (not featured on his website). The dapper Joe Duffy (an UnBeige reader!) handed us an aluminum business card thick enough to slice cheese.

And one note about someone who was not in attendance: rumor had it, SF do-gooder Michael Osborne was given a Fellow Award (the local-level equivalent of a Medal), but instead of traveling to New York to accept, he donated the equivalent in paint to an in-need group of young creatives. Now that’s the stuff of legends.