More Speakers Set for Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011 – January 25th in San Francisco

January 25th | San Francisco

As we announced recently, Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011, our second conference on the future of monetization on social platforms, is happening January 25th in San Francisco. We’re excited to see all of the developers and entrepreneurs that are planning to attend!

Today, we’re excited to announce 3 new speakers for Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011: Anil Dharni, Co-founder of Funzio and Founder of Storm8; Jens Begemann, Founder & CEO of Wooga; and Eric Goldberg, Managing Director of Crossover Technologies. They will be joining our full list of speakers below.

Finally, if you’re considering attending Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011, take advantage of early registration pricing and sign up now. A limited set of early registration tickets are currently available at the Early Admission price of $249. This price will be good through Friday November 19th only, so we encourage you to register now.

At Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011, executives and experts from Facebook, leading social networks, mobile platforms, social game and app developers, media companies, virtual goods and payment services, and investors will be discussing the future of social platforms and virtual goods monetization in social games and apps from a global perspective.

Who’s Speaking?

We’re honored to present the following confirmed speakers at Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011:

Bret Taylor
CTO, Facebook
Eric Chu
Group Manager, Android Platform, Google
Kevin Chou
Co-founder and CEO, Kabam
Vish Makhijani
SVP Business Operations, Zynga
Rick Thompson
Co-Founder, Playdom (now part of Disney), and Investor
Peter Relan
Executive Chairman, CrowdStar
Rex Ng
Co-Founder and CEO, 6waves
Deborah Liu
Commerce Product Marketing, Facebook
Sean Ryan
EVP and GM Games, News Corp
Bill Gossman
CEO, hi5
Anil Dharni
Co-founder, Funzio; Founder, Storm8
Jason Oberfest
VP Social Apps, ngmoco:) (now part of DeNA)
Jens Begemann
Co-founder and CEO, Wooga
Eric Goldberg
Managing Director, Crossover Technologies
Atul Bagga
VP Equity Research, Games, ThinkEquity
Manu Rekhi
GM Games and Platform, MySpace
Raph Koster
VP Creative Design, Playdom (now part of Disney)
Eric Eldon
Editor, Inside Network
Justin Smith
Founder, Inside Network

Key topics for the day will include:

  • Growth and User Aquisition on the Facebook Platform
  • New and Alternative Social Platforms: Where Do Opportunities Lie?
  • Growth and Monetization on Mobile Social Platforms
  • M&A Landscape for Small & Midsize Developers
  • Monetization on Facebook in a Credits World

Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011 – January 25th in San Francisco

Social applications first emerged in 2007, and are today maturing into a global media ecosystem. With the launch of the Facebook Platform, followed by platforms from MySpace and other social networks, developers worldwide could leverage the social graph to create new kinds of social experiences never before possible.

Now, three and a half years later, what started out as sheep throwing and vampire biting has quickly become a profitable billion-dollar industry, punctuated by numerous major acquisitions by the world’s leading media companies and developers. But now, new challenges are emerging, affecting big players and new entrants alike.

Inside Social Apps will investigate the latest trends and challenges for social applications, and look at what’s to come for developers throughout the space – including the growth of virtual goods and social applications on mobile devices.

What are the biggest uncertainties and opportunities facing the future of social games and applications in 2011, and who is leading the way?

Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011 takes place January 25th, 2011 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, and brings together the world’s leading entrepreneurs to weigh in on the future of social app and game monetization.

Inside Social Apps will be a one-day summit led by Inside Network’s Eric Eldon and Justin Smith, and will take in-depth investigative approach to the day’s discussions. At Inside Social Apps, Inside Network will work alongside founders and executives of the top social networking, social gaming, mobile social gaming, payments, and virtual goods infrastructure companies to analyze the most important issues affecting the industry. Inside Social Apps is geared towards developers on Facebook, iPhone, Android, and emerging online social platforms.

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