5 More Social Job Search Tools That Will Get You Hired

We've come across 5 more social job search tools that will help you find employment, so you can start looking for your dream job today.

It isn’t easy – or even very practical – to rely on just your local classifieds to find a new job or business opportunity anymore. That’s why we compiled a list of 20 Killer Social Job Search Tools That Will Get You Hired earlier this month. And as useful as those 20 tools are to network, find job openings and contracts and tap into your existing social networks for job opportunities, that list isn’t exhaustive. We’ve come across 5 more social job search tools that will help you find employment, so you can start looking for your dream job today.


Think of BranchOut as the LinkedIn for Facebook. It is a social career networking tool that allows users to access their Facebook connections and learn about the companies their friends and colleagues work for. Users are also connected to friends of friends through BranchOut, and can use career data to network – to find a contract, get a lead or score an interview. If you’re connected to BranchOut you can post, share and distribute jobs to potential candidates in your Facebook network.

Kai Fortney, Marketing Coordinator at BranchOut has this to say about the possibilities of landing a job through BranchOut:

“There are over 500 million monthly users of Facebook which allows for the largest career networking opportunity in the world. BranchOut users can tap into their direct friend network as well as their friends of friends. This is a network of trusted supporters on Facebook.”


Part of landing that dream job is finding great references – and Talentag helps you do just that. You can ask co-workers and friends for feedback on your job performance, and collect badges indicating what they think of your talents and skills. Find out if you’re a Problem Solver, the Best in Finance or a Team Player, and let your accolades shine through to your resume. Think of this as a fun way to discover and share with potential employers what others think of your work ethic.

Andrus Purde, Co-Founder of Talentag tells us about its unique feedback system:

“Talentag is unique in the sense that is helps to see job seekers through the eyes of friends and (former) co-workers. The social aspect makes resumes on Talentag more trustworthy and provides a list of people employers can contact as references. Another thing that Talentag helps job-seekers with is getting feedback from friends and co-workers which indicates which personality traits to emphasise in applying for a job and which ones to work on.”


Weedle is a social job search tool that combines a social network with a search engine. It allows users to connect with people who need their skills, and find people whose skills they’d like to use. At its core, Weedle is a practical, social classifieds ad. Employers can sift through potential candidates, but rather than relying on a stack of resumes they can gain insight into a candidate based on their social graph. Weedle gives users a searchable “Skills” page and the ability to network through their extended social graph, so it’s a great place to get “found” in your job hunt.


With Ziggs, you can create a professional profile that will help build your brand online. Similar to LinkedIn, Ziggs connects your profile to fellow co-workers, previous employers and other professional contacts. From there, you can browse available job openings within your network, communicate with those you’re connected to, and organize with your contacts by joining groups. Having a presence on a site like Ziggs will up your visibility – something that can’t hurt in a hugely competitive job market!


Worky is designed for individuals to find job opportunities and for businesses to promote their offerings. For individuals, Worky acts like a LinkedIn-style social profile and networking tool: you can create a professional profile, connect to other people in the Worky network, and leverage these connections to find a job. Worky also provides access to over 2 million job listings. For businesses, Worky is a platform to promote their services and find skilled employees and contractors.