More Shake Ups at the Smithsonian


We’ve been following the Lawrence SmallSmithsonian scandal as much as we can, not just because it’s interesting, but because it seems just completely otherworldly, all this Enron-esque spending and general fibbing. For this sort of thing to come out about a place nearly every American child is taught to held up to such reverence as the greatest collections of museums in the world, well, it kinda feels like finding out that your favorite teacher in third grade was just discovered as the most wanted gun runner in the western hemisphere. Anyway, if you haven’t been reading up on it, the Washington Post just put up a great, lengthy feature about it all, including some telling charts and graphs about how much Small enjoyed patting his own back by way of loads of cash and perks. Also, you probably also should check up on the other big story about it coming out this week, with Small’s right hand, Shelia P. Burke, also resigning for being bad, bad, bad.