More Secure, Anonymous “Twitter Alternative” Being Used By Protesters

There’s a new social network on the block that touts itself as being more secure, private, and anonymous than Twitter – something that the protesters at #OccupyWallstreet are embracing with open arms.

While Twitter has been highlighted in the media as a tool of revolutions and protests in recent months, its position might just be usurped by Vibe.

Currently available in the Apple App Store, Vibe is similar to Twitter in several ways. It encourages short messages shared with your network, replies back and forth, and it’s made to be mobile.

However, it is also an anonymous network, with each message sent without a username or identification.

Users send out a message on Vibe, and select whether to “whisper” it, meaning to send it to only a small geographical area surrounding them, or “shout” to the entire network.

It’s the geographical and anonymous nature of Vibe that Beta Beat says is so attractive to protesters at the #OccupyWallstreet protests happening right now in the heart of New York city.

The creator of Vibe, Hazem Sayed, spends his days walking around Wall Street passing out Vibe fliers to inform the protesters that they can use his service rather than risk being identified by using Twitter.

Protesters can send an anonymous message on Vibe to only those users nearby – perfect for warning of a police round-up or organizing a flash mob.

Do you think a service like Vibe could take the crown away from Twitter as the favored social network for protests? Let us know in the comments below.

(Image courtesy of photomak via Shutterstock)