More Sad News: Tulsa TV Anchor’s Contract Not Renewed

KTUL is not renewing Cindy Morrison’s contract when it expires at the end of next month. Morrison, who spent 12 years with the Tulsa ABC affiliate as a reporter and anchor, announced the news on her Twitter and Facebook page.

Morrison, a University of Oklahoma graduate with 20 years TV news experience, covered the Oklahoma City bombing and the Waco, Texas, cult standoff.

At least she’s staying optimistic about it. One recent tweet: “You guys are incredible.. and unfortunately too many folks have been laid off. Guess it’s time for the REINVENTION OF CINDY. Get ready world.”

Two days after she first announced the contract expiration on Twitter, she posted: “I’m great! 🙂 Work is going good.. and I feel so blessed to work w/ so many great folks. Seriously.. Channel 8 peeps ROCK!”

This may sound ridiculously cheesy, but with an upbeat attitude like that, Morrison’s bound to find a new job. Unless disgruntled job-seekers strangle her first for being so peppy.