More RPGs and Several Portals on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

In the absence of any major new sim titles, RPGs continue to rule our weekly AppData list of emerging Facebook games, which includes fast-growing games still under a million monthly active users. There are also several portals, which usually give users access to anywhere from a handful to hundreds of casual and arcade games.

Here’s the full 20:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_56030979237_7341 Frontier Bonuses774,135+730,469+1,673%
2.App_2_164819630206264_37 Epic Fighters914,234+483,463+112%
3.App_2_128246950529106_698 Bar World854,671+422,429+98%
4.App_2_146118892073972_2344 Mighty Pirates694,741+259,847+60%
5.Original Karma Games & Avatars328,678+258,573+369%
6.App_2_367415665181_4980 Puzzle Saga453,974+243,587+116%
7.App_2_175202372495964_5248 OyunPark455,336+218,384+92%
8.App_2_385041300032_4073 MyGame615,370+214,768+54%
9.App_2_166783986669804_7741 Ninjas Rising210,528+194,858+1,244%
10.App_2_149288638421413_1755 寵物戰爭360,545+194,122+117%
11.App_2_10150134532045543_1161 Città d’Italia193,658+157,460+435%
12.Original Grab Games181,174+138,746+327%
13.App_2_142982579066363_1516 Sports City421,975+138,646+49%
14.App_2_149755978384927_3407 Legacy of a Thousand Suns363,605+136,739+60%
15.App_2_140357045994487_425 Happy Hospital620,909+136,104+28%
16.App_2_103209809752974_9891 My Kingdom161,221+135,946+538%
17.Original Fantasy Kingdoms547,076+135,882+33%
18.App_2_151985508172001_5311 The Smurfs’ Village443,367+133,937+43%
19.App_2_118784234842191_8567 黑手黨226,032+129,734+135%
20.App_2_166960806653757_9946 Clash of Kingdoms596,261+127,644+27%

At the top, we have a non-game, Frontier Bonuses. This 101 Apps utility scrapes over the walls of your friends to find any items shared in FrontierVille. As we noted on Wednesday, this app appears to be evading shutdown by Facebook or Zynga where others have not.

Epic Fighters is the first RPG, from Digital Chocolate. It’s a text RPG, a game type that has proved surprisingly resilient in the latter half of this year; Ninjas Rising, also from Digital Chocolate, is similar, while Legacy of a Thousand Suns makes a third in the genre.

The other RPGs of note are Mighty Pirates, a CrowdStar title that was released over a month ago but recently updated, and Puzzle Saga, a game that blends light RPG elements with fast-paced matching games, by

Moving onto the portals, Karma Games & Avatars, MyGame (also from and Grab Games all fall under that rubric. These three are worth a look to see how developers are building portals these days, but we should note that few portals we’ve seen, no matter how promising, ever grow into the millions of users. Combine that with weak monetization, and you’ve got the reason that most companies don’t pursue portals.