Want More Retweets? Use ‘Quotes’ And Hashtags On Twitter [STUDY]

Tweets that contain hashtags are 55 percent more likely be retweeted than tweets that did not, while those that included a quotation were 30 percent more likely to be retweeted, reveals new data from Hubspot’s Dan Zarrella.

Zarrella tracked more than 1.2 million messages on Twitter and discovered that using one or more hashtags in tweets was an effective way to generate retweets – certainly more so than using no hashtags at all.

Additionally, tweets that included quotation marks also faired better than those that did not, although the difference was below that of hashtags.

No word on the impact of tweets that contain both hashtags and quotes, but it must be mind-blowing.

This data essentially confirms what we already know, but it’s a useful reminder about what can work on Twitter if having your content shared is important to you. Equally, we also know that people who share a lot of mass-appeal quotations – motivational stuff and that sort of junk – get a lot of retweets. But retweets in and of themselves don’t have an awful lot of value unless they serve a purpose for you or your brand.

Engagement for engagement’s sake is fool’s gold. Meaning, unless folks are sharing information that benefits your business, driving visitors to your website and boosting awareness of your products and services, does it really matter?

(Source: DanZarrella.com.)