More Ranting About A Thing It Seems We Like To Rant About

Following up our little “How did that Cars billboard wind up so poorly laid out?” post from the other day, we spotted two variations on the ads just yesterday. Unfortunately, once was on the freeway after we’d spent the entire day driving back to Chicago from Minneapolis, so there was the “too tired” factor and the fact that it’s rarely a good idea to slam on your breaks in the middle of a freeway just to take a photo. So you’ll have to use the crude alterations to the image above to illustrate that, with this billboard we saw yesterday, the celebrity names were where they should’ve been all along. The date was in the same place, so it was still purposelessly throwing off the symmetry, but it looked much, much better. And while this writer doesn’t know a thing about billboards, we’re 90% these two were the same size, the offending one and the not-so-offending one. So what’s the deal? What happened? If anyone’s got any ideas, please let us know. Oh, and as for the other, that was a bus ad, and Pixar had finally gotten it right. They just left off the date and the names altogether. Was it a thing of beauty? Yes.