More Random Quotes and Factoids

From the Media Summit

“Five percent of money is online but 20 percent of media consumption is online,” and that will have to change. — Mort Greenberg of IAC Interactive. (We saw big boss Barry Diller five blocks away having lunch at Michael’s.)

Why Pluck CEO David Panos will never be a Diller-level media mogul: “You need to resist the urge for world domination (with a desktop application),” he said.

“If you’re not reading, you’re not up on the business.” — Brian Glicklich, VP Interactive Services, Premiere Radio Networks. He forgot to mention Fishbowl.

“Outdoor [advertising] will become sexy when it becomes digitized” in five years or so, and you can “extend your shows to the populace walking the streets.” — Bill Cella, chairman and CEO of MAGNA Global Worldwide (isn’t that a bit redundant?)

Business Week magazine readership has been flat at about 900,000. Web readership has more than doubled to 5 million unique users per month in the past year. — publisher Geoffrey Dodge.

Watch the end of the long tail to see what technologies will skyrocket to prominence “with a little bit of work.” — MIT media lab senior research scientist Andrew Lippman