More Politicians Take Jabs at Politico

Last night, at a very fancy dinner where everyone had to wear tuxedos, several politicians took a page out of Rep. Ben Quayle‘s book and fired some self-deprecating barbs at Politico based on ads from the 2010 election cycle. And again, Politico wasn’t amused.

Politico‘s not a witch,” said Christine O’Donnell, the Delaware Republican who ran unsuccessfully for the Senate. “Politico’s you.”

Meanwhile, Carly Fiorina, the failed senatorial candidate from California, called Politico “the demon sheep of D.C. media.” Alan Grayson, who lost his House reelection bid in Florida to an opponent who he famously called “Taliban Dan” called the news site “Taliban Politico.” And Kentucky Democrat Jack Conway, who lost to Sen. Rand Paul, referenced one of his campaign ads when he said Politico believed in a god called “Aqua Buddha.”

Granted, none of these jokes were particularly funny. But that didn’t stop Politico from getting all up in arms (again).

Staffers responded violently. “They were so mean!” one reporter told Fishbowl as she fought back tears. Another threatened to “kick everyone’s ass.” Editor-in-chief John Harris sent an internal memo asking staff not to tweet about the dinner. “If we all just ignore this, maybe the mean-spiritedness will stop.”

Fake Jim VandeHei had some really scathing things to say…