More People Plan To Buy Android Phones Than iPhones

Citing information from a firm named Market Force Information, PC World says there’s no stopping the Android train. The statement is based on a study done in December in which the firm surveyed 5600 people in North America. Thirty-three percent of those surveyed said they planned on buying a new smartphone in the next six months, and 34% of those said they plan to buy an Android phone, while 21% said they plan to buy an iPhone.

I think data such as published in this PC World article has got to be putting pressure on Apple. Boy Genius Report recently wrote that sales of the Verizon iPhone did not meet expectations. An assumption has been that AT&T is a big negative of the iPhone that has prevented some people from buying one, and that many fed-up AT&T users would jump to Verizon as soon as they had the chance. It is likely that many current iPhone users are waiting to see the iPhone 5 before making a change, which means that the iPhone 5 has got to bring more than the Verizon network to draw people away from AT&T.

The iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry when it first appeared in 2007, and it continues to have a lot of support. However, the iPhone has not changed very much since then except for the inclusion of multitasking and the new, controversial, antenna design of the iPhone 4. Consumer electronics is very much a “what new and attractive thing have made recently” industry and I think the iPhone is starting to look a little old.

Update: This article has been edited to correct a reference. The original version referred to PC Magazine, when in fact the article I was referring to was published on PC World.