More Optimistic Mobile Ad Projections

It’s been a confusing couple of months, as various sources alternately said mobile ad growth will either soar or disappoint. Count this latest one in the former camp: MediaPost reports that early predictions by mobile analysts and other industry watchers in recent days are all suggesting breakthrough years ahead:

“Much of the optimism stems from mobile initiatives begun in 2007,” the article said. “They include the launch of the iPhone, setting a new standard for mobile Web surfing, as well the shift toward more open mobile platforms reflected in Google’s forthcoming Android system and Verizon Wireless’ move to open its network to any device meeting certain specifications.”

“As an ad medium, mobile is no longer a novelty and some interesting and creative mobile campaigns and promotions emerge this year,” wrote Greg Sterling, principal at Sterling Market Intelligence, according to the report. He also thinks that mobile devices will play a more crucial role in linking the Internet to brick-and-mortar stores by providing in-store price-comparison and product information.

Dialing For Dollars: Analysts Boost Mobile Ad Outlook [MediaPost]