More On YouTube’s Advertising Push

Google and YouTube stirred up some serious debate with yesterday’s video ad launch.

Here’s Online Media Daily’s take: “While insiders and users questioned whether YouTube viewers would tune out in droves, if advertisers would get the bang for their buck, and whether ‘we really need more push marketing in supposedly interactive environments,’ agency types, market analysts and online video experts questioned by Online Media Daily agreed on one thing: YouTube’s move was a classic Google first step–smart, possibly game-changing, and ready to be tweaked on the fly.”

Analysts say further down in the article that Google’s a fast learner, and that this is typical of the company: do a “strong test” even as the rest of the industry watches closely. Then tweak as needed.

Now that YouTube capability is appearing on more and more phones, it will be interesting to see how these ads play out on the mobile side. Should they be shorter but still float above the video? Or should pre-roll ads [ones that play before the video itself] be the answer? (We hope not.)

YouTube’s InVideo Ads: Smart Move, But Far From Final, Say Experts [Online Media Daily]