More on Vocus’ New PRWeb Social/Search ‘Enhancements’

This week Vocus announced new updates to its PRWeb service, so we’ll take a minute to review. After adding security measures to prevent fraudulent press releases, the company made some tweaks to its product in the interest of more fully “integrating” social and search into the press release experience. A recent study finding that people spend “27 percent of their time on social media, in contrast to about 3 percent spent on news sites” re-emphasizes the importance of making every release as social and sharable as possible.

Here are images provided by Vocus:

The primary feature in this upgrade is “social release tags”, which provide features like story summaries or “Twitter cards” on each tweet and adds Google’s new “author tags” to each release as well in order to improve search results. Combined with new-third party features like Twitter’s “related stories”, Vocus says that the new PRWeb will be more effective in reaching audiences and facilitating research.

An additional doc provided by Vocus goes further than the release itself in describing search engine markup improvements that will “help add content like source, titles, subtitles, etc. to search results” and ” help identify and classify releases when being searched in Google News”, though details are limited.

You Mon Tsang, Senior Vice Presidents of Products at Vocus, writes:

“The modern press release service needs to keep innovating. At first, it was media distribution, then search visibility, followed by blogger and influencer distribution, and now it’s social.  PRWeb has always led the way in the new methods of news distribution and this release keeps us ahead.”

Does anyone have thoughts on these features? Will they make it easier for interested parties to find and share your releases?