More on SanDisk SlotMusic

SanDisk_SlotMusic.jpgRCR Wireless News columnist Colin Gibbs writes that even though most of the tech industry snorted at the introduction of SlotMusic, SanDisk’s Hail Mary pass for a new physical distribution format, older folks who grew up on records and CDs may well take to the idea. Plus, the retail chain link may be its best asset.

“SlotMusic’s most attractive feature may be its most archaic: the way it’s distributed,” Gibbs said. “Cards will be sold at brick-and-mortar stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart, allowing users to pick up a card or two at the same time they buy a new phone. And retail staffers can walk them through SlotMusic, eliminating the confusion and ignorance that seem to plague most mobile full-track services.”

We actually think the idea doesn’t suck—it’s just that in a digital world, the whole point is to not have to carry around a bunch of cards. MicroSD cards are great in and of themselves. But they’re great because they hold thousands of songs, not 10 or 12 songs. If you buy albums like this, you’ll end up with 50 or 100 little cards that you have to carry around. And once you get familiar enough with your PC to move all the songs onto one card, you’ll have defeated the purpose of buying music like this in the first place.