More on Crain…

Chris Crain left Window Media less than nine months after his co-founder, William Waybourn departed. The company has also being feeling some financial strains recently, leading to come questions of how long the company could afford to keep Crain.

In January, freelancer Bob Roehr wrote: “Chris Crain remains as executive editor of the publications. But given his high salary and the attitudes of Avalon principal David Unger toward news and profits, speculation is rampant as to how much longer Crain will be around.”

Most recently, Metro Weekly Editor-in-Chief Sean Bugg said this about Crain’s farewell: “I spent way too much of the weekend fielding questions about Chris Crain’s announced departure from that other gay publication in Washington: Why did he leave? Was he fired? What does it mean? Who cares? I did read Crain’s departure editorial, where he asks everyone to judge him by his enemies. Fair enough, since I understand why he wouldn’t want people to judge him by his contributions to gay journalism. Unsurprisingly, he seems oblivious to the fact that good journalism and bad journalism are equally adept at creating enemies. And I’ll just leave it at that.”